Hi all..
I'm wanting to start road racing, obviously having to start in cat 4. Are there any series/circuits happening any time in the new year around the York/Leeds/Harrogate area? I only know of the Croft series, but it is a little far from me. Any links would be greatly appreciated...
Also, any tips/suggestions/recommendations?


Liam Cahill [213 posts] 1 month ago

Can't help with local knowledge as I'm based down south. But the best way to find close events is to follow this link to the British Cycling Road Events page. 

That brings up all road events, including sportives which you can filter out by clicking "More Filters" then "Type of Event" and then "Road Closed Circuit".

Then you can filter by distance from your postcode. That should get you the local(ish) stuff.

Worth bearing in mind that race licences run from 1st Jan to 31st Dec so if you're only going to do one or two races before the new year, it might be financially best to just get day licences. This does mean that you can only enter on the day but in winter, that shouldn't be a problem.
(Day licence is £5 I believe)

Oh, and lastly. Local CX leagues are great for a lung-burning workout. They can be ridden on an MTB, don't require a race licence, and you can't get dropped in a CX race. Just click "Cyclo-Cross" in the left-hand menu, under "Events Finder".


crazy-legs [1186 posts] 1 month ago

You're in that awkward gap between end of autumn season (certainly the midweek crits will all have ended several weeks ago) and beginning of any winter / early spring races.

Weekend crits up north are few and far between as the weather is so unreliable. London and the regions have a Lee Valley, Redbridge and so on that do regular winter races - up north though is generally much more at rik of being cancelled due to shite weather and so many organisers are unwilling to take the risk.

This time of year, the only people doing crits are those desperate for the last few points on their licence to maintain a category as well so the potential pool of riders is far smaller.

Give it til the new year and you start getting more races as people seek to fine tune their fitness in advance of the road season proper starting so you get some more race opportunities.

As mentioned above though - British Cycling events pages, check back there every week or so to see any updates, you can set the filters by region, type of race and so on to narrow down what you're after. However to save you looking there are currently no circuit races in Yorkshire at all for the rest of this year!

Drinfinity [280 posts] 1 month ago
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Ride cyclocross if you want to race in the peak season now. Then you can join some road races in the off-season over the summer to get fit for the next CX season.