A pensioner narrowly avoided death when he got up to go to the toilet seconds before a car crashed into his bungalow.

Stan Miller had been writing Christmas cards to his family in his sitting room when he got out of his armchair to answer the call of nature.

The 75-year-old grandfather-of-nine had just reached the hallway when a Vauxhall Corsa car smashed through the wall.

“If he hadn’t have moved the wall and window would have just landed on top of him,” said Mr Miller’s daughter Denise Flood. ”The front end of the car is sat in the middle of the room.”

Ms Flood added: “It’s the sort of thing you see on the telly but you don’t expect it to happen to your own family. A neighbour called me from dad’s phone to say what had happened. Luckily I only live up the road so I was here within seconds. I’m just really glad he’s ok.”


While at the scene a passerby was heard shouting, “That’s what I call a drive-thru.”



cougie [98 posts] 1 month ago

This is horrific.


WHO is writing Xmas cards with 6 weeks to go ?


Hope that corsa driver gets a long long ban. 

brooksby [5291 posts] 1 month ago
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The driver of the car, a 32-year-old man, was arrested on suspicion of drink driving at the scene in Northfields Avenue, Cambridge.

Cambridgeshire Police said in a statement that the driver remained in custody.

So it wasn't a Corsa doing a Herbie and driving around on its own.  Good to know 



ktache [2359 posts] 1 month ago

What, not an Audi?


Which I had not realised was being added to on what seems to be a regular basis.  Even though the excellent AsEasy... hasn't been blogging, them audis keep finding themselves in buildings.

stonojnr [47 posts] 1 month ago
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BMW in this case & even vaguely cycle related as cctv showed the car lost control overtaking a cyclist... https://www.ipswichstar.co.uk/news/claydon-best-western-hotel-crash-room...