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Charge Bikes - Are they still in business and/or can you get spares?

I had the front mudguard on my Charge Grater Ti Spectacularly shatter and lock up my front wheel whilst riding along a couple of weeks ago giving me a life before the eyes OTB moment  (I assume something got wedged between it and the tyre but I've really no idea and there is not a lot of the mudguard left to see! )


I've emailed both Charge (via their website) and who I believe to be the UK distributor CyclingSportsGroup (as listed on the Charge website) directly to enquire about a replacement (not complaining or trying to get a freebie, just want to buy one!), but no response from either after two weeks...I've heard a rumour Charge have gone under, so can anybody confirm / deny that (or more importantly tell me where I can source a replacement one of their factory fitted front mudguards)..?


Thanks in Advance for any info!


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