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Flat mount brake mounting

Hello everyone!

Happy to be a part of this awesome community. I have a question I'm hoping to get some clarity with.

I have a 2020 All City Macho King ACE that I've built out and am loving it! I'm new to this flat mount disc brake world and this frame calls for those. I purchased SRAM Rival flat mount calipers and the approrpriate front and rear mounting brackets (here's the brackets I ordered, for front and rear: My rear brake is good to go, but my front is stumping me a bit. I have a 160mm rotor with a 160mm mounting bracket. However, when I attach the caliper to the mounting bracket and then to my fork the rotor rubs on the metal part. So I had to install some spacers that go between the fork and mounting bracket. But everytime I'm a little heavy on the front brake, my entire front end will pulsate and after each ride I have to re-adjust the caliper as I get brake rub. I've got the screws torqued to 6nm, but ultimately I don't know if having thoser spacers on there might wear a dent into them or is even the correct way to install the caliper. Shouldn't the rotor fit with the correct bracket? Attached are some photos of how I have things setup, so any help or direction would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!



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