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Dealing with the "i hate cyclist" rant from relatives at Christmas

So, the usual christmas of tensions spent at the in-law's. I was sitting at the house of a relative of my other half, when, a propos of nothing, they came up with a passionate "I hate cyclists" rant. Apparently we don't belong on the road, we are just "annoying" by holding up "traffic", whilst the tour de yorkshire keeps closing roads (it has never actually passed through their village, but did pass within a few miles of it three years ago). 

The surprising thing is that this particular relative is actually normally really nice and chilled out, so it was really stunning to hear anti-cyclist venom pouring out. 


Any tips on how to deal with this. Next time I tempted to politely listen, and then ask them if they also hate train passengers, scorpios and black people. It won't go down well, but it will be fun to watch the reaction. 

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