Suggestions for wheel upgrade from DT Swiss R460

I'm looking for a wheelset to replace the DT R460s that came on my 2018 Specialized Allez Elite. I've been having continuous issues with broken spokes, mainly on the rear wheel.

Specialized replaced the wheels for me when the hub seized (which was very nice of them) and almost immediately spokes started going on the replacement. I used a loan wheel that they gave me over winter and haven't lost a single spoke so I know that it's not the way I'm riding, so I assume there's something up with this model of wheel. 

My question is, what should I go for as a replacement wheelset? I commute around 120-150 miles a week so something hardwearing is a must. I've heard good things about Mavic Aksiums and they seem ridiculously cheap (£143 on Decathlon atm)... Does anyone have any recommendations?


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