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It pays to badger

you know it actually pays to pester the local bus company! Some months ago fed up by a series of near misses I had had enough! I started to complain. One letter I thought would do the job, vent my anger, kick off in the general direction of customer services; after all they don't drive a long piece of metal weighing several tonnes and the desire to turn you into a mascot pinned to the front of their vehicle.

Well, I waited - no response. Another letter, still nothing. Then a third letter - again silence. That was it time to play rough! I start to fire off letters on a daily basis.

And then, all of a sudden, I noticed that the bus drivers behavior had changed! They were no longer passing with a hair's breadth, no longer tailgating and reving their engines, holding back to allow me to pass parked vehicles. It's amazing. I hope that this is a permanent change of heart by these drivers and long may it continue. It just goes to show you. It pays to harrass the customer services dept.  4

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