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Taxi altercation

Following an unpleasant though fortunately non-injurious altercation with a London taxi driver on the way home from work today I've just sent the email below to both Transport for London and a relevant local police station.

Does anyone know of any other bodies that might be interested to hear about it and / or could censor the driver in some way?

As I say it seems very minor but that hardly seems to excuse it so I thought I'd do what I could...


This evening at about 6.30pm I was cycling south down Southampton Street on the eastern side of Russell Square. A black cab drove fast past me, very close, and stopped at the new traffic lights completely covering the cyclists-only advance stopping section.

To make myself safe, I put my bike in front of the cab while I waited for the traffic lights to change.

As I was waiting, the taxi driver deliberately drove into my back wheel, knocking my bike over and making me stumble, clearly aggravated that I had stopped in front of him, despite his being completed over the space reserved for cyclists to wait safely.

I spoke to him straight away and he was very aggreesive, complaining that I was in his way.

I'm glad to say that I wasn't hurt but I was quite shaken by the incident and clearly the taxi driver has very little respect for cyclists on the road.

The licence plate of the taxi was LD09 KWB. A chap called Darren on a moped very kindly stopped and offered to act as a witness to what he saw. I have his email address and phone number should you want him to corroborate my story.

This was a relatively minor incident but it was extremely unpleasant and the driver concerned should have his license suspended temporarily. This is no way to treat fellow road users, especially those in a far more vulnerable position (ie on a bike rather than behind the wheel of a taxi).

I will also report this to the police and any other authority I can think of. If you could please let me know that you've received this and what you'll do about it I would very much appreciate it.

Thanks very much

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