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CTC London Newsletter: Monday, 19 December 2011 - What is happening to cycling in Greater London?

CTC London Newsletter: Monday, 19 December 2011 - What is happening to cycling in Greater London?

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1. King's Cross Station Vigil

Urgent – We Need Action Now - Can You Help?

Why: Cyclists, pedestrians, and friends and family of recent crash victims will gather for a Christmas vigil to remember loved ones and highlight the unacceptable death toll on the capital's roads.

Date: Tuesday 20 December 2011

Time: 6.00 pm

Location: outside King's Cross Railway Station

Supported by: The London Cycling Campaign, RoadPeace, London Living Street and CTC/CTCLondon

2. Advance Notice

LCC (London Cycling Campaign) Election Campaign Event

Why: CTC/CTC London is supporting the LCC Election Campaign Event in support its campaign to make roads in the Greater London safe and inviting as in Holland (Netherlands) for cycling.

Date: Saturday 28 April 2012

Please try not to book any ride or event on this day so that we can have a good turn out.

Time: To be confirmed

Location: central London, feeders to be confirmed.

Supported by: The London Cycling Campaign and CTC/CTCLondon

3. Can you help?

Cycle Rides

I believe there is either a shortage or lack of knowledge of short cycle ride in the Greater London area.

To negate this I am compiling a database of ride organisers and if there are any geographical gaps, I will attempt to get the gaps filled

Do you know of any shorts rides?

What types of group are you?

CTC Members group

Informal cycling group

LCC local group

Sustrans group

Friend of the Earth group

Greenpeace group

Church group

BEM group

Faith group

Youth hostel group

Meetup group

Any other type of group

Name of group

Contact Email

Contact Telephone


Do you have rides midweek?

Do you have rides on Saturday?

Do you have rides on Sunday?

Time of start

How long are the rides in terms of distance?

How long are the rides in terms of time?

Please send all information to

philipbenstead1 [at]

Many thank for help in this matter

4. Contributions Needed

Do you have any news good bad or indifferent about cycling in London, what make you blood boil.

Do you have any new that could go in this newsletter and /or on CTC London yahoo group site?

Please send me your news to

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