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The ubiquitous Carlton Kirby

An old chestnut, I know but... Argh! Why is Carlton Kirby determined to ruin my procycling enjoyment?! The man is everywhere. I cannot understand how he keeps getting work. To listen to his commentary is to hear a man drowning - the guesswork, the misidentifications, the tedious Partridge-esque turns of phrase, the needless shouting that does not inject excitement in the final... The way he 'wings it' reminds me of those psychic charlatans doing 'cold reading'. Anyone else would be preferable. Anyone. There are many other commentators who actually know what they are talking about. His co-commentators often sound embarrassed. I know I am. He makes watching almost unbearable. As each new race starts I pray it won't be him but increasingly often I am disappointed.  20 Sorry for venting but thanks for listening. I couldn't hold it in any more. Hearing his voice in the opening seconds of tonight's Dauphine coverage finally sent me over the edge  14

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