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Aaaaarggghh! *Sparrow* Crossings.

Catching up with the latest Tranche 3 scheme in my area which is now in consultation.

And I have discovered a YABUW - Yet Another Buzz Word. A sparrow crossing.

Does anyone know what these are?

AFAICS it is described as a "signalised parallel crossing", which I interpret as a Toucan with distinct lanes for bikes and pedestrians or (being concise) a slightly different paint arrangement.

Here's a video from Salford describing one on Gillbent Road near Thorn Grove Primary School.

I'd say it is improved but somewhat interim infra which will need a revisit, because there are obvious limitations such as the road not having been trffic-calmed in any real way and beg buttons rather than detection loops so people on bikes have to stop. And the diversion around the BT Box making the capacity lower, rather than making the lanes wider at the junction which is the more correct thing to do.

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