Afraid to Cycle?

Anyone else not ventured out since the lockdown started?

I started off with the best of intentions. As you probably don't remember, we moved outside the M25 six months or so back, and I wanted to build up to cycling into the centre of London at least three times a week.

Then, when the government announced the lockdown, and my company told us all to work from home, I thought yeah, no problem. I'll do the miles around home.

Then I went for a walk.

The first time I stepped out as a pedestrian, was terrifying. It was like there were no longer any speed limits, and no longer any limitations on how loud an exhaust could be. Quad riders - who seem to have a death wish at the best of times - now seemed to want to kill me as well. Scooter riders going along the footway on their rear wheel, shouting at me to get out of their fackin' why.

But enough about my street.

Then there's the anecdotal evidence here on as well as from friends and some colleagues who have ventured onto the roads.

'It's fucking madness, mate'.

The driving worries me less, to be honest, than the brazen aggression from drivers and motorcyclists. And if I talk back, I have the choice of a hospital bed, or a police cell.

So I've been doing the occasional trip out to the garage to use the trainer.

Anyone else too scared to go out?

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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