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Aftermath of 5 year old vs car Cycling Video

Interesting little footnote from the November vid of the child and car cycling and driving towards each other in South West London, which was promoted by Jeremy Vine.

(This one:

The gent who took the video raised spurious Copyright takedown claims against both the Blackbelt Barrister, and Ashley Neal's on Youtube, and Youtube took them down in their usual preemptive manner.

Both were perfectly alright as copyright law has explicit exemptions for review, critcicism, and current news, which the Daily Mail etc rely on to run others' videos.

BBB has a video explaining what happened:

One interesting part for me is that Youtube backed down, removed the strike, and the vids were put back up, as I had a vid commenting on expenses fiddling at the European Parliament (all the MEPs turned up to the signing-in office on Friday morning carrying their going-home suitcases) taken down by YT in a similar manner a few years.

Another is that he overplayed his hand, as the Black Belt Barrister had offered to take it down if the copyright violation notice was withdrawn (which would remove the black mark against the channel), but the cyclist rejected that option. And so the BBB put in a counter notice, won, and had the black mark removed *and* the video restored.

Interesting stuff.

My take on this is that public debate is to be encouraged, even if I disagree with it.

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