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Am I too light for a steel bike?

I am the lucky owner of a Fairlight Strael 2.0. I like it, but don't quite love it. I was drawn to steel by the promise of a comfortable ride. I've had an old steel frame in the past, and loved the feel, but the Fairlight has always seemed a little bumpy, barely smoother than my alu racer. 

That was until last week, when I loaded up with a heavy rucksack which I had to deliver to a friend. Suddenly the road buzz was gone, smooth as butter. Once I dropped the bag off, the buzz was back.

Am I imagining this, or is this a thing? I'm hoping someone might be able to give an explanation.

What I think is this... the tolerances in the frame (as all bikes) are calculated with the rider weight in mind. I'm relatively light (but not that light - 65kg), and the bag was probably 7-8kg. Being temporarily heavier meant the tension in the frame was just so.

If that's the case, presumably that's true of all bikes, not just steel. Is there a solution other than putting on some weight?

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