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Ashley Neal's 1st ride video (he gets left hooked)

The first bicycle video from the driving instructor I really rate but most of you love to hate! He gets left hooked (but not hit) by a German SUV, who'd have guessed?

To be fair I can see why most people on here don't think much of him as in another recent video video he says

"You have to look after cyclists because they don't really read the traffic and read the roads as well as they could do" which is an odd take given that 99% of his 'driving fails' are drivers.

On the plus side he then goes on a rant about how mobile use while driving is getting to "ridiculous levels" and "I think it's about time we had some harsher penelties . . . . as 6 points & £200 doesn't seem to be working" so I'm sure he's now going to support Cycling Mikey. OK, I won't hold my breath.

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