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BBC Blunder?

Can anyone confirm this?

We all know that witness statements can be very unreliable. I'm no exception.

I was only half-watching the Six 'O Clock National News on BBC1 on Tuesday evening. They were running an article on the local elections in Scotland, one bit was about potholes and they used a taxi driver to describe the problem.
It started with a view out of the passenger window of the taxi as it was being driven : the driver appeared to do a close pass on a cyclist! The camera then cut to the taxidriver who explained that potholes were not being repaired and costing him hundreds of pounds in repairs and maintenance.
They clearly neglected to say that while potholes may pose a financial problem for drivers they are a physical threat to cyclists. They cause several SIDs every year. In doing the close pass the driver denied the cyclist the possibility of avoiding any potholes and created a dangerous situation if he swerved to avoid one.
Has the BBC scored an own goal in using an careless driver in this clip?

I have tried to find the video on the BBC website without success.

Can anyone tell me It was all in my imagination?

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