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Bibtights for narrow sit bones

Please help!..pleease! I'm 6' tall with long legs and very narrow sit bones (95mm) up to now I've struggled to find Bib Shorts to fit, I know Endura make a Pro SL with a narrow pad and long leg length but it's out of stock nearly everywhere. The trouble I get is chaffing between the legs due to excessive padding, I've tried slathering on Chamous cream but to avail, someone suggested Tri Bib Shorts but again finding any is like looking for the Grail! Any recommendations will be very gratefully received.

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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check12 | 3 weeks ago

Castelli x2 pad - the all red one not the red and gray one

Lancs-lad | 3 weeks ago


Read your post with interest as had the same issue until now so responding in the hope this may help. A bit off the shorts options topic but shorts / chamois may not be the issue. For reference I'm 174cm tall, short legs / long body riding a Mason Definition and Fairlight strael both 54cm frames. Sit bones are 97mm so quite narrow. I'd ridden both bikes for several years with a Fabric Scoop saddle and only had the chafing in the past 6 months. So what changed? Nothing except for losing a few kilos as doing more riding since retirement a few years ago. Rides up-to 50k just do-able with chamois cream, anything more very uncomfortable and needing recovery time.

I've used Endura Pro SL with narrow pad, Rapha Brevet and Castelli Free Aero bib shorts but none prevented the chafing so decided to look at the saddle. My Fabric scoop width is 142mm. Looked at narrow saddle with narrow nose options and bough a Sella Italia SLR Aero based on Sella's s2 sizing. First 50k ride today and a revelation - no chafing. 

As I say a bit off your shorts topic but hope it helps. BTW Giro do chamois options in different thicknesses which I came across when reserching but didn't purchase as the saddle has fixed my problem.


Road addict replied to Lancs-lad | 3 weeks ago

Many thanks, your comments are very much appreciated, will take your advice re. saddle and keep everything crossed.

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