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Boardman ADV 8.9 2020

After nearly one year with my ADV 8.9,  4500 miles ridden I need to do some component replacements. I'm posting here because there is so little 'out there' at the moment. 

Last week I took a little tumble and later found I can't get bottom gear, it was surprisingly difficult to identify the rear dropout. There are a lot of 'hits' for the ADV 8.9E, and most of those are not in stock.

Google shows for ADV 8.9E  at  it is CC191. 

But the pages like this wanrt to be sure you need CC191 as CC195 is identical on one side, the other side of CC195 looks more like the ADV 8.9 I have. Then there is the Vitus hanger B442 which looks the same.

Boardman customer support were great an advised their systems show it is a 442 and sold by .. " . 

It was in stock, about £28. 

Other changes: the G-One tyres had fairly poor rolling resistance which made 'keeping up'  on hill climbing more difficult, I changed the G-One tyres for Marathon Supreme 32mm front and 35mm rear, rolling resistance better. 

I have bought replacement large chainring FSA 50T to give a bit higher gearing, I previously increased the difference between inner and outer chainrings on two other bikes and found it worked fine. 

Issues -

The gear cables sometimes stick, won't change up. Halfords say they don't need lubricating, I bought their Gold service so the cables will be replaced as part of that. 

The cables fitted new are all too long, they rub on the forks! I have tape to protect. 

The frame has space for larger tyres than G-One's but the fonrt deaillieur moves across into the line of the tyre, this is the limiting factor, not an issue for me, but looks like a design oversight.  



If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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