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Campaigners lose legal challenge over Lake District 4x4 vehicles

Interesting article in The Guardian about a legal case where drivers of 4x4 have won their appeal against a ban from two off-road tracks in the Lake District.

"A coalition of ramblers, cyclists and horse riders had appealed to the high court against a decision by the Lake District national park authority (LDNPA) to allow 4x4s and motorbikes to use two old farm and quarry tracks, known as green lanes, in the Langdale and Coniston valleys"

"Campaigners claimed the vehicles were noisy, polluting and spoiled the enjoyment of the lakes by other users, like walkers and cyclists.

But the LDNPA argued that most of the walkers and cyclists using the greenways had driven to the start of their ramble or bike ride, and therefore were contributing to air pollution just as much as the 4x4 drivers. "

That is a very good argument.A bit rich to complain about pollution when you yourself have driven to the remote beauty spot. As ever, environmental problems are wicked. There is rarely a satisfactory solution for all stakeholders.

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