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Chloe Hosking ‘My career is facing its end, when I don’t feel I’m done'

Disappointed this hasnt been picked up for an article yet by towers  2

Chloe should be able to walk into any team in the pro womens peloton, same for Audrey even though I can understand teams being more hesitant to wonder if shes recovered from her stroke, but shes the French national road & time trial champion !!!.

The B&B teams collapse harmed more than Cav & Max Richeze being disappointed he didnt get a phone call

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Jimmy Ray Will | 1 year ago
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I should imagine Hosking's struggles will be the same as Cavendish. They are both winners, and ironically by the time they came on the market, most teams had sorted their winners out for the year.
Hosking needs to work out what's more important to her; her pride, or continuing her career. If it's her pride, then the team managers are arguably right to pass her up.

HoarseMann replied to Jimmy Ray Will | 1 year ago

Agree. I have some sympathy, it's never nice when a company folds and people lose their jobs. However, that's the risk you take when you move to a new employer for a bigger salary.

I have more sympathy for people whose careers are cut short due to injury or illness. She needs to take a bit of humble pie, accept that she's been unlucky, but be grateful she could still turn it around. Take whatever is going to keep in the game and hope for a better deal in next seasons signings.

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