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Choosing a right one

Good afternoon, 

I am mountain biker, whose plan is to buy gravel. It would be my first cycle from this kind and what I'd like is to choose well. I care the most about speed, which is crucial for me (I will not get myself a road bike, because I do not want to be tied up with a road). For now, I marked three bicycles, unfortunately I have no idea, which one to choose. If you have ever ridden on any of this boneshakers  1 I would be more than grateful for Your opinions and advices.

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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S.E. | 1 month ago

I'm not impressed with these websites, they could at least detail the exact speeds, weight of the Bianchi? etc.

If budget is not an issue the Grail looks good (+1000€ for 1 kg)... Grizl harder to get/order, feedback about the Bianchi hard to find (I mostly hear positive reviews for these Canyon models, except for some quality control issues).

Else I'd prefer to keep the difference for a set of wheels and all the stuff you often need after buying a new bike.

andystow | 1 month ago
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Whichever will take the widest tyres.

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