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Chris Boardman - Helmets

Once again Chris and the Cycling Establishmnet have come out and rightfully said that Helmets are low on their priority of cycling safety factors. Helmets will never prevent an accident, and they may actually increase the probabilty of one happening. A helmet will not help much in a collision with motor vehicle doing 30+mph.

But every time their argument states that cycling is very safe and that helmets only help in minor falls. This is true, but compared with motorised vehicle travel cycling is relatively very dangerous,

If you do the same journey (say a commute) on a bike and in a car you are about forty times more likely to be killed or seriously injured on the bike than in a car. (This is nothing to do with helmet use, just the risk of cycling) REF Cycling UK

Cycling bodies are doing all they can to address the fundamental problems, but they avoid talking about the magnitude of the problem.

Will you do a charity parachute jump with me? Your parachute is extremely safe, but it is forty time more likely to fail than mine? Lets go for it mate!

It's time to have the real debate


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