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Giant Defy vs Revolt

So, I'm somewhat regretting selling my old Defy Advanced, thinking that an aluminium bike would do me for the winter. Clearly all the D-Fuse stuff really did make a difference to comfort as my new Domane is really beating me up. It'll have to do me for a few more months but I'm going to go back to Giant in the spring.

Just wondering if anyone has made the switch from a Defy Advanced to the Revolt and can comment? The geo in terms of comfort (reach etc) looks pretty similar and it would be good to have the extra tyre clearance - the reason I sold the Defy was it was an older model with tight clearances and no mudguard mounts. I think the current Defy will run 28mm tyres with guards? As a heavier rider I'm quite keen to be able to run 32mm tyres with guards if I can.


If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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IanMSpencer | 1 year ago
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I have both - so I'm your man! Defy Advanced Pro Zero 2017 model, and Revolt 2 2021 model.

I wanted to upgrade to a winter bike with disks and my main criteria was the fit of the Revolt appeared close to the Defy (I was buying online due to lack of local availability - remember also it was masking up and so on when I bought it so having confidence in fit was important).

Firstly, the original tyres were 42mm gravel. I bought 32mm minimal tread Giant Gavia Fondo 1 from the dealer - I've found the own brand tubeless Giant tyres pretty sound. The alu rims and heavier tyre are really noticeable. I got the urge to gravel in the spring and bit the bullet, bought some Hunt carbon wheels for road winter use and switched the original rims to the 42mm gravel.

Riding the 32mm at about 50/60psi I do notice the extra weight of the tyre plus the resistance of running them soft, but as a bike it is really comfortable and I can ride it all day. The slightly lower gearing (GRX based 2x11 with Praxis crankset) 48/31 + 34/11 is perfect for winter road riding. It's a bit high for gravel if it gets steep, but to be honest, if it is that hard going, I'm not averse to hopping off and enjoying the walk - it is not much slower or harder.

My 2017 Defy had no means of fitting a mudguard at the front - no mounting point at the top the fork, don't know how much they improved it, I could run 25mm with a Crudracer Mk3 on the front, though it would run a 28mm in principle. The Revolt I have fitted full Flinger mudguards. Needed a bit of modification as they are designed for a front/rear mount and the Giant has a threaded hole underneath the top of the fork. I take these off for gravelling and use a large AssSaver, but there is bags of clearance with the 32mm - I use a V-brake set of metal spacers as a spacer under the front and rear mounts and leave a large clearance to the tyre - you could probably get mudguards over the 42mm tyres without it being too tight. 

Just Googled and they are now fitting Gavia Fondo 1 32mm as standard to the Defy and saying it is compatible with the RGX 38 fender and having had a Google around I think the Defy might now have a bolt hole on the rear of the fork (but just guessing from a few shadowy marks! - the RGX fender might be adaptable itself).

So in terms of riding, the Revolt and Defy share the comfort. The Defy is more sprightly - I do notice the difference up hills - Conti 25mm at 60psi front 70psi rear BTW. I've contemplated switching rotors (my Defy has 140s) to see if that is just tyres - I doubt there is much difference in the wheels themselves, but I think it is the weightier frame aswell.

I am now happy with a two bike set-up - summer no mudguard Defy, wet summer and winter weather road 32mm Revolt which also covers gentle off road, and heavy off-road swtich to the 42mm which has got me down everything, if not up! 

kil0ran replied to IanMSpencer | 1 year ago

Thanks, very useful.

Will likely build a frameset as Giant sell the Revolt that way (but not the Defy, which is annoying) so component/tyre choice isn't too much of a concern. I ran my old Defy on 28mm GP4000s - which came up almost 32mm wide on Fulcrum Racing DB4s. Clearance was bordering on unsafe! Have got a mix of 6800/5800/R7000/R8000 components to build it up, just flat mount calipers needed.

Yep, the Giant RGX guards have sliding/adaptable mounts to work with both horizontal and vertical mounting points. You don't get full coverage at the rear - I think there's a mount just above front mech - but that's not too much of an issue.

Rezis | 1 year ago
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I'm sure the current Defy will run a max of 35mm tyres (even the TCR runs upto 32mm) so probably 32's if you want to run guards.

Not had a Defy Advanced but do have the Revolt Advanced which will go up to 45mm tyre clearance for gravel. This years cycle tour was done on the Revolt with 30mm G-One Speed tyres and it worked well but not as fast as proper road tyres, it will depend how great your need for speed is.

One other consideration if you chose the Revolt might be the wheels, mine was fitted as standard with wide gravel wheels and 38mm tyres. These wide gravel rims might not be that suitable for narrower tyres due to the internal rim width so you might need to look at a more road orientated wheelset. I doubt this would be the case with the Defy...

kil0ran replied to Rezis | 1 year ago
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Thanks, it's a good point about the stock wheels. Whilst it's nice to build light as a heavy rider I prefer 32H rims, particularly if it's going to see light gravel, which is likely for this new build. 

The aim is to run 32mm year round because that should let me run around 75psi tubeless. I'm aiming for comfort and adaptability here rather than outright speed, hence why I'm leaning towards a Revolt.

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