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Good video by Ashley Neal - Engwe X26 'E-bike' review

Ashley Neal has been sent an ebike for review - an Engwe X26, which has a 1000W motor and can do ~30mph. It weighs 43+kg.

Obviously not legal on UK public roads, so he does a 15 minute review pushing it along the pavement, explaining why this is a problem, and why it should not be bought without a very large piece of private land to ride it on.

Regardless of how much we disagree with Ashley - and I'm more agreeable with him than many here - I'm pleased to see him using his platform to give some extra welly to this issue, especially when we have just had the proposal to raise the permitted motor power to 500W from some Spad or other, who is some way out of touch.

The company are shameless about the rated power, and advise just turning it down whilst police are in sight ie don't even try to follow the law.

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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chrisonabike | 1 month ago

Aside - is it just me or did you notice massive amounts* of pavement parking making it a PITA to walk in some places?  (Mostly the "two wheels, just helping out other drivers" style but some fully blocking footway.)

Also the note about the company expecting him to ignore the law... did make me think about cars which are sold with ability to go well over 70mph...

* Massive - but completely unexceptional for most of the UK.

mattw replied to chrisonabike | 1 month ago

I often notice pavement parking in Ashley Neal vids, and sometimes say so in the comments - pointing out one or two of the offences that Ashley did not focus. I'll email him asking him to a special video about the upcoming PCC elections, and what his audience could be asking for - or at least how they should consider it.

Ashley's focus is usually on increasing skills by drivers, but he does sometimes remark on parking and other stuff.

I'm fine with it as it's an educational and debating forum for drivers- and there's hardly any CDE (Continuing Driving Education) in the UK, except for people who *want* to do it, such as ROSPA or IAM members. Plus of course people reported for various offences if they are non-recidivists in the last several years.

chrisonabike | 1 month ago
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Overall, good work by yer man!

Ashley Neal wrote:

Hasn't been registered ... hasn't got numberplates ... doesn't have insurance.  What would happen if I actually rode this?

Sadly, Ashley, probably nothing...

Also his "The regulations are a bit confusing".  Well ... yes, if you're someone like he is who are clearly over the detail of them.  However I for most people it really isn't here!  What he's got is very clearly an electric motorbike / moped.  Weighs in at 43kg and not a tandem, 1000W (apparently maximum continuous rated power), the throttle will happily take it up above 30mph with no pedalling.  Oh - and the manufacturers cheerfully confirm that the top speed is 31mph AND illegal (and that people should just slow / start pedalling if they see the rozzers - so yeah, the pedals are "decorative" or rather just disguise for breaking the law).

I really hope he has contacted Trading Standards on this one.  Though given how shameless the company are they've probably calculated that it's on the customer and the law doesn't care.  Certainly the powers that be appear to be intensely relaxed, except for perhaps busting the odd individual to be seen to be "doing something".  (So much so that we've a suggestion to raise the power levels and allow pedal-free use.  How many actual cyclists - or people with disabilities - have been calling for that, I wonder?)

Slight niggle - I was a bit irked that he described this in title and for the first 3/4 of the video as a bicycle and not a moped / electric motorbike.  He did get there in the end and I think that was just for the style of this (e.g. ironic)  BUT being a'er I'm a bit pedantic about cycle / EAPC / not a cycle (e.g moped / motorbike) and don't wish the waters to be further muddied.

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