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Handlebar mittens?

26km commute this morning and the Garmin never registered above -3 a Raynaud's sufferer even with my Sealskinz electric gloves on with liners I was in quite a lot of pain by the end and it made me nostalgic for my motorcycle days when I had "elephant ears" bar muffs in the winter. I was surprised to find that you can actually get something like that for road bikes, e.g.

Has anyone tried these and do they work? I'm aware they will probably look a bit daft and will gain sneers from purists, but I'm more interested in being warm than cool (see what I did there?). My main concern apart from do they work in terms of warmth is are they easy to withdraw one's hands from quickly for signalling. If anyone has any experience of these I'd be grateful to hear about it, cheers.

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