Hi, I have purchased, or so I thought a Tiagra rear mech from Chainreaction cycles. No problem with the sale, it's the after service I'm having trouble with. Chain reaction completed the sale, at a good deal I might add, and dispatched the rear mech via Hermes. Hermes quickly informed me they would deliver on Sunday last between 1pm and 3pm, wow that was quick I thought. On Sunday, being self isolating I never went out and the rear mech did not arrive, However I was surprised to get an email from Hermes saying because I was not at home the item would be delivered today. Now then, was not out, the delivery man did not leave a card notifying of a missed delivery. The time for due delivery today was for again 1pm to 3pm, again no show, and no card. At just after 4pm I got in touch with Chainreaction via customer services chat box concerned about non delivery, I had contacted already earlier in the day, am, expressing my concerns Hermes were not coming across as honest. I was informed that Hermes would probably deliver in a two or three days. That was at odds with the hermes email regarding delivery. As a keen cyclists wanting to exercise as advised by HM Goverment this advice means that I am going to be tied in until delivery takes place, two perhaps three days. As I was distrustful of Hermes I asked about the possibility of cancelling the order, no way was the answer, the ball was in Hermes court. Two missed delivery promises and no way of getting through to Hermes, high premium phone rates (70p per minute plus)plus your own service provider for hanging on the phone. No email provision, this has me wondering about the service I'm being given. Anyone else out there had problems with Hermes, I can't understand why they would lie abot the reasons for non delivery. Sure Convid 19 is causing problems but that doesn't account for lying.

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