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He’s only playing, he’s just a silly boy aren’t you -chomp

A lot of parallels between dangerous dogs and cars. You bring this thing of yours out into the public domain, you insist that it is harmless, wouldn’t hurt anybody, but you’re clearly not in control of it.  There is no good reason to have this known extra harm potential. Someone else picks up the pieces from your crap decision-making, don’t they.

You defend it, despite mounting evidence of the harm it causes. You deflect - it’s a rogue element, regulation won’t work on rogue elements.  You say that if there is regulation that aspects of the situation will only get worse - all your roads try to lead to the situation being left. The near misses, the incidents - we all get to live in its shadow, never knowing when or where it will strike. 

One thing for sure is there that is zero benefit to me in these things being around, only the potential for me to come to harm.  You transfer the risk of harm to me.  I have to change my behaviour to reduce my risk exposure. Please don’t tell me you want my sympathy - you know fine what these things are.  Stop gambling with my money. 

Get the ban done. 

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NOtotheEU | 2 months ago
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If we treated cars like dogs Audi and BMW would be banned from sale within a few months and all the other manufacturers would suddenly decide that all new cars would come with speed limiters and other safety features that can't be turned off, front ends would be designed to be as safe as possible in a collision with a human and any mention of speed or handling would be removed from advertising.

Features that keep the driver safe would have to go too but they are mandated by law of course so this would also need to be changed which is sadly just as unlikely.

Hirsute replied to NOtotheEU | 2 months ago

I saw someone with small bullbars yesterday - surely that can't be legal. There is no need for them and all they can do is injure the vulnerable road user.

I also see that bully xl is being used as an alternative to wankpanzer.

NOtotheEU replied to Hirsute | 2 months ago
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I thought I remembered them being banned at some point too so I Googled it and . . . 

It is not illegal for vehicles to be fitted with bull bars, although the department would not recommend their fitment unless it has been shown, through compliance with specified safety standards, that they do not pose an additional risk of injury to pedestrians or other vulnerable road users.

There are no plans for legislation to require bull bars that are already fitted to be removed. However, since 25 May 2007, it has been an offence for bull bars that have not been approved as compliant with those safety standards to be sold. Approved devices will carry an indelible ‘e’ mark (for example: e1 01 1471).

hawkinspeter | 2 months ago

I await the BMW car ban - they're clearly dangerous and have hurt a lot more people than all the dog breeds put together.

David9694 replied to hawkinspeter | 2 months ago

Under the terms of the "ban", your BMW must be muzzled, insured and on a short lead. 

essexian replied to David9694 | 2 months ago

What the wife and I get up to on  a Sunday afternoon is our business thank you!

essexian replied to hawkinspeter | 2 months ago

You know, I always wanted to be in an "out" group....

Back in the 1970's, I wanted to be a punk but my Mum wouldn't let me. In the 80's I wanted to be a "New Age Traveller" but couldn't afford to give up my job in the city of London to get a dog on a rope. In the 90's, I thought I would get into Rave Culture but frankly, the music was rubbish and drugs just stuff you up.

However, come the 2020's and my 60's, I have finally made it!!!! I brought a BMW so now, according to some, are uncaring scum. I have never been so happy. Overtaking on blind bends, parking where I like and having no regards for the safety of others. It's pure bliss.

I'm off soon to buy an Audi as a runaround. I quite like the look of R8 GT. Looks good for the 500m run to the shops and back. 


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