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Knocking sound from left pedal.

More woes...
Can anyone help please with this problem.
I've had a pair of Shimano XT M8120 (maybe the 8020 version) SPD MTB pedals for about 18 months.
Link for general reference
But in the last week, the left one has started to make a knocking sound at the 12 o'clock position. And I believe I can feel a "vibration" under my foot too.
The knocking can be heard on the flat and ascending.

I've taken the bike to a bike shop for advice. They say it's my bottom bracket, and it needs tightening up.
I did replace my BB (BBR60) a few weeks ago, because of clicking (not knocking) noises.
I checked the BB and it was tight. But dissembled/reassembled it again to make sure everything was OK.

I have also removed the spindle from the pedal, cleaned it and applied new grease to flush out the old.
Today, on a ride, I thought I'd cured it, but the knocking sound returned.
I don't think the problem is anything to do with my cleats, as I can unclip and pedal with my heal and I still hear the knocking.

Would you do a full dissemble as shown in this YT video or just buy some new pedals, because it's not fixable or related to just cleaning the pedal spindle?

Thank you.

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