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light wheels (<1500g), <1100£

I'm looking for an upgrade for my Tarmac SL4, currently running narrow Vision T30 13mm inner width! (weight is good, <1600g) wheelset.
I can't fit bigger tires than 25mm (chainstays are about 33-34mm wide, so 25mm with wider rim should still fit, but no space for bigger radius)
What's your tought on few available carbon clinchers in 900-1200GBP/Eur range ?

-Cero RC35 or RC50, super light, 1293-1399g, 930-940eur
-Hunt carbon 36 aero wide, 1417g, 1039e
-Speedsix quatro, 1430g, 935e

there are few others: DR Wheels 33, Speedsix evo 35 / 45.
or maybe I'll find some 1-2y old model in good shape.

Is 'aero effect' (40-50mm deep rim) worth extra 100g ? I try not to ride on flat  [:)]  (I try to have at least 1000m elevation for every 50km ridden) and I live in dry area

any thoughts? advices ? cheers !

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