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List of Egregious Failures of Justice

I'm after a list of cases where the justice system has failed to work for people using bikes, which I could reference in letters etc.

Clearly the Cyclgin Mikey case this week is one where the video shows the verdict reached to be BS, and that the offender lied to the court on oath.

Helen Measures would be another, as would one or two of the recent "driver beats up person on bike" cases.

Does such a compiled list exist anywhere? Both failure to prosecute and failure to reach an appropriate verdict are releavant imo.

I'm hoping such exists, so someone can just drop a link in reply.


Matt W

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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Mungecrundle | 1 year ago
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The Police failure to prosecute the drunk driver who killed Sze-Ming Cheung is one that sticks in my mind. Absolute incompetence and disregard for the victim and his family at every level.

mattw | 1 year ago

Thank-you both.

Very much appreciated.

chrisonabike | 1 year ago

The closest I know of - you're probably looking for Bez / Beyond the Kerb.  Unfortunately this excellent work is in hiatus but there are both quite a few cases plus detailed commentary there.  I presume you'll want that otherwise all you've got is a list of names to shout "it's not fair!" with.  Which doesn't make for much of an argument.  Particularly when the other side can say "you had your day in court and the law said no".  A typical one:

The Cyclists' Defense Fund has a short list (particular note to the Michael Mason case).  Some of those have more commentary on also:

The Cycling Silk (barrister) has had a go and been rebuffed in bringing his own cases in at least one instance, you might have to search through his blog:

Trawling through will give you a quick list although further research on information here is always a good idea - this is "news" so a single article won't cover it (or more information may have come to light later).

Hope this helps.

Tom_77 | 1 year ago

Back in 2017 the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group had an Inquiry ‘Cycling and the Justice System’. The report contains some examples and various statistics:

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