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Looking to buy my second ever road bike - would like some help deciding on the spec


I'm new to the forum and relatively new to road cycling. A couple of years ago I bought a BTwin Triban 540 from Decathlon, mainly for commuting to work and to see if I would enjoy road cycling. Turns out I do!!! and now i'm looking to upgrade to a newer, higher spec bike.

I'm looking to spend up to around £2000 (little more if I can justify it). Now, i'd like a carbon frame/fork with Ultegra groupset and decent wheels with tubeless tyres. However, trying to find a bike with all this isn't easy! I had another look at Decathlon and they sell their Van Rysel RR 920 CF bike with pretty much all of the spec i'm looking for except it has Mavic cosmic pro carbon wheel and i don't think these can run tubeless?? (I may be wrond, road cycling is new to me!). It retails for 2k.

So this leads me to...
1. Is this Decathlon bike good? worth the money?
2. What other bikes should I look at / consider?
3. To get a bike within my budget, would is least important? Ally or carbon frame? 105 or Ultegra? Decent wheels or cheaper wheels (Mavic askium for example?)

I know I should probably go to a shop and have a look and try some but it isn't so easy at the moment. Any advice would be very welcome.



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