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Not a cycling story

Nevertheless a very sad story and one that might be of interest to road users:

Louis Thorold: Driver cleared by reason of insanity over Waterbeach pram death

A driver has been found not guilty by reason of insanity of causing the death by careless driving of a baby boy in a pram.

Five-month-old Louis Thorold was hit on the pavement of the A10 near Cambridge, on 22 January 2021. His mother Rachael was seriously injured.

Lawyers for Shelagh Robertson, 75, said she had undiagnosed dementia at the time of the crash in Waterbeach.

  1. Just how common is undiagnosed dementia, yet so advanced that it has consequences like these?
  2. Should the government be more proactive and routinely test people for dementia beyond a certain age?
  3. Or are tragic events like these so rare that there should be other priorities?

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