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Not road rage

My way of thinking is no driver wants to hit a guy in a wheelchair.
How wrong I was.
Out in my racing wheelchair on Sunday near the end of 13mile push. On a island intending to go 2nd exit a car came and went into my left side, drivers excuse she didn't see me, I wear coloured to op, bright green helmet, orange penent and lights.
As I moved forward she drove off, so no details and damaged wheels, GoPro battery was dead.

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PRSboy | 1 year ago
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Defo worth informing the police... possibly the junction would have been covered by cctv.

I hope you are OK anyway, that's the main thing.

AlsoSomniloquism | 1 year ago
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Did you get the reg though? Without footage and with the evidence of the damage, the plod MIGHT get involved to at least check out the car for scratches etc for contact. Try to get into the local news as well who might force them to take some action. 

Wheels48 replied to AlsoSomniloquism | 1 year ago

No reg I moved forward to allow other cars to clear and just saw the car rounding the island. Thanks for the info

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