numberplates for cyclists!

this is an actual idea i'm having. I've got three motorbikes, i had a car but i sold it, no point owning one down here unless you like looking at other cars brake lights for hours. I know on ebay you can get people to post you ''show plates'' ie, numberplates meant only for being shown at shows, like car meets. I wonder though, what would happen if i got one of my insured, taxed and mot'd motorbikes numberplates, and duct taped it onto my backpack, so people driving behind me can see it when im cycling? it would probably stop them saying ''pay tax'', but i wonder, would the police take a dim view of it, or find it amusing and for an experiment- do idiot drivers treat you different on a bicycle when they see you've got a numberplate? or i'll just get a show plate saying'' ved paid, £594'' or'' camera equipped, or anything else i can think of. Suggestions for such extra words on theoretical plate?

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