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Online reporting of Dangerous Parking in Crewe - Pilot through January

I haven't seen this mentioned on, so I thought I'd flag it up as I raised it on another thread.

Potentially a step in the right direction. If anyone is in the right place to do reports, it is probably worth the time so that it has some activity.

Op Park Safe

A new initiative which allows residents to report public illegal parking problems online is set to be piloted in Crewe throughout January.

Operation Park Safe is a new project which will allow members of the public to report parking issues online.

As part of the scheme, residents will be able to upload videos and photographs of offending vehicles where they will be assessed by an experienced traffic officer, who will triage and deal with any dangerous parking offences.

Any minor traffic obstructions, or community impact issues will be allocated to the local PCSO or Beat officers to deal with in an appropriate manner

Offences officers will deal with:

Vehicles parked on or in a crossing area: This includes the area covered by zig-zag lines.
Parking on white lines: People cannot stop or park on a road marked with double white lines, even when a broken white line is on your side of the road, except to pick up or set down passengers, or to load or unload goods. This includes the pavement or verge.
Forcing pedestrians to walk in road: This includes parking on the pavement where there is not enough room for pedestrians to get past.
Parking at/on a junction: Vehicles cannot stop, park opposite or within 10m of a junction.
School parking offences: People cannot stop or park on the zig-zag lines or keep clear markings.
Parking on a cycle track
Parking a goods vehicle on the road: Vehicles with a maximum laden wight of more than 7.5 tonnes (including trailers) cannot park on a verge, pavement or any land situated between carriageways, without police permission. The only exception is when this is essential for loading and unloading, but the vehicle cannot be left unattended.

What officers can’t deal with:

Single and double yellow line offences: These are local authority parking enforcement only.
Pavement parking: This is where there is still room for pedestrians to get past without having to go into the road.

My main note is that pedestrians can be up to the width of a wheelchair / double pram / mobility scooter / visually impaired person with Assistance Dog. That is about 1-1.5m (or say 1.2m if we use the dimension of the 'dynamic envelope' of a 0.85m wide Type III mobility scooter). 

I expect that police will need reminding of that or the minimum width to walk could taken as that of a 'fat man not on a bicycle'.

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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wtjs | 3 months ago

As I wrote on the other topic which mentioned this: Get out there and report! And then report back here. Prove the doubters like me wrong by demonstrating the actual enforcement that we doubt. My own cynical view is that nothing will happen except words of advice, and most reports will go unheeded 'because we're very busy'. If the police can't even be bothered to deal with 'No MOT' fully-identifiable vehicles which are near to the main Preston police station in full view, and also right by the A6 which all police vehicles use to get northbound onto the motorways, then what can they be bothered with? This is F3 BDL outside the Burning Desires shop by the A6. No MOT since 29.11.23. Sister vehicle F1 BDL, which has also been spotted by me out on the road, has had no MOT since 14.4.23

TheBillder | 3 months ago

Edinburgh is introducing similar:


You can now tell us about incorrect parking on footways, double parking and parking at dropped crossings using our report incorrectly parked vehicles online form.

The form is here:

Remains to be seen if reporting will cause enforcement. In my neck of the Edinburgh woods, pavement parking is very common on narrow residential streets and the change will be significant.

mattw replied to TheBillder | 3 months ago


But the Scottish Law has a number of serious holes through blanket exemptions, of which the two most serious to me are:

1 -  Pavement parking is allowed where the gap left is more than 1.5m.

2 - Unloading by HGVs >7.5t parking on the pavement is allowed.

That will result in continued antisocial parking, and pavements being smashed up.

It is an improvement, but still castrated.


ktache | 3 months ago

Good find.

mattw replied to ktache | 3 months ago


Came via the Macc Active Traveller Twitter Feed, who is an aggregator in part:

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