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Please, give ideas regarding saddle!

Hello, everyone! Much appreciate giving some attention and \ or comments to this post.
Straigh to the business - My seatbones measured ~12cm distance;
Currently i test all saddles at my home trainer setup, during ~1hour long workout.
All my saddles are ~143mm, have not tried ~130 and dont have a clue if that will make a difference.
Currently for the saddles types i have and my impressions:

With cutout: Prologo Dimension (not NDR version), Selle SanMarco Shortfit Dynamic - bones start to hurt after around ~20km of non stop ride, the longer the worse.
Also, have ali-express replica of Spec Toupe, bare carbon with thinnest padding layer. First 2 times of riding it for 1 hour long it seemed me less pain then those above, but on the 3rd ride - it was all the same, even worse.

Super thick padding - SMP Trk Medium, with cutout. This saddle is soft for sure, no bones pain, it just doesnt feel comfy overall, like its too soft for ass soft tissue, donno... Also it is curved, seems i need flat.

Tried Selle Italia Diva Gel from my girlfriend`s bike - bones were mostly fine but i felt some strange `pulling` somewhere in pelvis, didnt like that, but maybe i need to try to settle it for some time more

Was able to find saddle-for-rent service in my region - i tried several Fizik Antares variations and Fizik Tempo Argo - they all had equal padding so that made no difference - all uncomfortable.

My saddle height is ok, i lean forwards a lot and try to spend more time in aero, so i sit very sportive, so that my bones take very little of my weight actually. My problem might be, that my fat % is quite low for 84kg and 187cm - my ass is all soft tissue, muscles.

My goal is to be able to spin without unmounting my bike for minimum 60km without any pain, cause this is road race distance in my region + i need to sit for a 2 hours in a row on my home bike trainer soon.

I look for someone who has similar body complexion and went through similar saddle search, and have finally found fitting saddle...

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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