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Poll: Most cyclists believe accident insurance should be mandatory

According to a new YouGov poll most casual cyclists believe that cyclists should have accident insurance by narrow margin of 42% to 41% against.

Across all adults, 64% believe insurance should be mandated vs 17% not required. However amongst cycling commuters a majority believe they shouldn't be mandated to have insurance.

Londoners and those from Scotland are the most likely to say cyclists should be insured, with women more likely than men to say insurance should be mandatory. Age is directly correlated to viewpoint, with older people more likely to say insurance should be mandatory.

I personally believe insurance should be mandated for cyclists over 18 years of age, but not children, through a national provider such as British cycling with competition and enhanced policies via private providers. My rationale is that I think it would be helpful from a legal perspective, from a moral standpoint and from the aspect of safety, helping to eliminate some of the riskiest practices which in turn would encourage families, the more risk averse, and greater diversity in cycling.

What are your views on cycling insurance and why?

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