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Pot hole and other bike accidents

I have just read the account of the cyclist who hit a pot hole in Twickenham and his resultant NHS experience. I was hit by a car in Italy last September. My beloved Colnago C60 was destroyed. Every part of it was broken. Now note my order of priorities in mentioning the bike first! I hit the car windscreen, was carried forward 30 meters and dumped back in the road. An ambulance arrived with 10 minutes, possibly quicker. Once in the ambulance the female paramedic jumped back out and, unasked, retrieved my Garmin Edge 830! In hospital I had CT scans to my head and legs and was kept in all day for observation. Luckily I had no long term damage
Luckily because 4 people have been killed at the junction where I had my accident. In fact I was able to race in the Prosecco GF 10 days later on another bike. More importantly my treatment was immediate, of the highest standard of professionalism, care and expertise, and finally, the hospital did not charge me. We sometimes joke about the chaos of Italy but my experience tells a different story. Unfortunately after many years of underspending by the Government on our fantastic NHS, the result of that underspending is coming home to roost.

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