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propel tyre size

Thought i would reply to questions about fitting larger28mm tyres on a giant propel. I have an 2017 advanced 1 in a medium size that I recently bought that had only done 150mls so nearly a new bike for less than half price. I am 68yrs old and just over 6ft and 180kgs and usually ride m/l  and look for bargains and am finding the bike reasonably comfortable with the stock wheels pa2 and 23mm tyres but have a set of campag zondas with 28mm gatorskins and they fit no bother, but you have to let the air out then reinflate when fitted. What a difference, really comfortable and rolling better with the zondas which I think is one of the best alloy wheels for rolling resistance they are bomb proof and easy to maintain also lighter than the pa2 wheels and as aerodynamic. Incidentally the cassette on the zondas is a 10 speed campag and the propel is fully 11 speed ultegra and the shifting is good enough for me with no major issues, so untill i can fit an 11 speed to suit they will do for now. I know that some of you will be horrified at the fact its an aero bike with all the changes I have made but I look for comfort then speed that I can ride and keep up with younger riders and find it no problem. I can also say that the giant seat is the most comfortable I have tried. By the way before the changes the bike weighed just over 8.00kgs now its 7.8kgs same as my TCR, whats not to like. I'm not a new cyclist in case your wondering, i've had bikes as long as I can remember and grew up with the sturmey archer then 5 speed derailleur on reynolds 531 tubing with the down tube shifters, then made the jump to carbon bikes. I do all my own repairs and refurbish some old vintage bikes now i'm retired and as long as I can get onto a bike i'll keep goin. 

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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