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"Reform cycle to work scheme so it can be used by lower-paid, Sunak urged"

Thought this article might be of some interest:

I agree with the premise that the current C2W scheme is not fit for purpose; however, the proposed "reform" appears to simply remove the requirement for income to exceed minimum wage after salary sacrifice which seems a case fiddling while Rome burns. In my view much more substantial reforms are needed, or more likely scrapping the whole "scheme" and replacing it with something better.


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TheBillder | 1 year ago
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All these salary sacrifice schemes, from childcare to pensions, suffer from the same flaws. The more you earn, the more you can save, and those who need help the most won't get it as they don't earn enough.

There's a school of thought that if you are not working, or not getting a better paid job, you are clearly not trying hard enough and you should get on the bike you can't afford. Sadly some of those who adhere to that school think that people should just strive a bit harder if they earn less than the average, so we could all then earn more than the average, just like the 99.9% of drivers who are above average.

I've no idea how better to get bikes into the hands of those who need them but there must be some way to improve things. Universal income might do it, but to get there, it might be better not to start from here.

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