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Replacement ideas for a stolen Mason Bokeh

Hi long time lurker.
I recently had my Mason Bokeh stolen from our home last weekend, unfortunately not insured to it's full value.
Tbh I've since adjusted habits and more a runner these days but I do commute 7-10 mile each way depending on route. One route is 95% tarmac, 10% road rest shared paths/NCN the other route is 80% canal towpath, and a couple of fields with stairs for railway bridge crossing & 1 lock to cross, although it could be avoided by going on an A road to the canal. I haven't actually ridden the towpath way only ran it a couple of times.
I now work as a postie so it's not sustainable to run to/from work on top of the 5hr+ walking and training runs etc
I'm having heated debate with Mrs with what/how much to spend to replace the bike.
Do I
go second hand, again what sort of price/spec to go for?
Go similar spec to the Bokeh mainly mechanical ultegra hydraulic disc brakes
Something better possibly electronic groupset maybe even e bike
Franeset only and build own bike up
Or go something cheaper... but I feel must haves are rack and guards mounts and hydraulic disc brakes plus option to take fatter tyres wheels - the Mason was set up with 700*32 but could also be 650b which was the next thing to get, especially if going the canal way and now coming to winter.

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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