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Return to cycling after gallbladder removal

Hi, I had to have an emergency surgery to remove my gallbladder this week, by laparoscropic
And have already made the chose to discontinue cycling for the rest of the Year, I never had a chance to ask how long I should realistic leave cycling alone for? Does anyone have any idea/or been thou it them self's and can me a idea

So for a bit of background, I normally cycles 40 miles a day /5 days a week to work back, and have a number of routes which different amount of climbing ( the flattest route is baput 150 foot/45 Mt throughout the entire route)

Many thanks for any assistance

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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TheBillder | 3 months ago

I had my gall bladder out in the autumn of 2019 (luckily before COVID hit the NHS). I was told to take 2 weeks off work and not to drive in that period. I don't think they mentioned cycling.

So I obeyed them about work, drove after a week and got back on the bike after 2. The irritation from the dressings was the worst bit - cycling doesn't engage the abdominal muscles much and I was never more than mildly uncomfortable.

Your mileage is higher than mine but I dunno if that makes much difference.

Obviously I'm just a sample of one, but I'd say to give it a fortnight and then try it. Hope this helps, and best of luck with your recovery.

jaymack | 3 months ago

I had my appendix out two years ago, I was 56. I remember the medics describing it as keyhole surgery as I writhed in agony, bloody big keys mind you. I was back in the saddle after about two months. Although I must confess they were on a turbo trainer. I was out on the road a month or so after that. However it was late spring so the weather was very different from a wet, cold winter. So, I guess three to four months would be a reasonable estimate. The most important thing is to recover, how long it takes to get back on the bike is secondary however much you may enjoy being on two wheels. And at this time of year I'd take it easy irrespective of how tempting it may seem.

Simon E | 3 months ago

That's a decent mileage each day. Sorry can't help with the experience, though I had a laparotomy many years ago with no subsequent negative effects (mind you, I spent 5 weeks of that in the hospital for other reasons).

You would benefit from asking a surgeon and a doctor who also exercises (not necessarily a cyclist). St Guy's & Thomas's offers this advice:


Do not climb long flights of stairs for 24 hours to 36 hours after surgery. Only climb stairs when you feel able.

We encourage you to return to all the activities that you enjoyed before surgery. Most people return to work within 1 to 2 weeks.

Also see:

I would suggest that the anaethetic and just the fact of going under the knife may make you feel a bit weak or experience discomfort for a few days. If it was me I'd play it by ear and get back to riding when you're ready for it / look forward to it. No point flogging yourself.

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