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road cc pop up window

This has only recently begun happening when I visit the road cc site, I get a pop up window asking me if I want to sign up to receive emails from them/you.

This window can pop up a few times, yet I am already registered and logged into the site so why is it popping up when I'm looged in, and can I do anything to stop it popping up and covering the story I am reading?


If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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Jack Sexty | 1 year ago
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Just to add here that the newsletter pop-up should have 100% disappeared, and the video player has now been removed for subscribers. 

Jack Sexty | 1 year ago
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HI folks, the newsletter sign up should definitely not be appearing for subscribers so we're working on fixing that ASAP - sorry about that. 

The video thing, feedback passed on and something should be done about that very soon!

sparrowlegs | 1 year ago

Same here. Along with that friggin video. I scroll and then think "shit, too far, it's got me now".

You'll probably be told to clear all your internet files/cookies etc but it'll come back.

No point subscribing if it keeps doing it. 

Rich_cb replied to sparrowlegs | 1 year ago

The video is one of the most annoying pieces of site design I've ever seen.

If I've scrolled past your videos the chances are I don't want to watch them.

Making the same video then pop up and obscure a large part of my screen is just plain stupid.

mdavidford replied to Rich_cb | 1 year ago

This. And then this several times over.

BalladOfStruth replied to sparrowlegs | 1 year ago
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The internet has been nigh-on unusable without script/ad-blockers for about ten years now.

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