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Saddle for late 80s rebuild

I'm in the middle of rebuilding the light tourer I bought new in the summer of 1988. The frame is at the painter, the wheels are being built by my LBS, I've chosen new pedals and toe clips, etc. It's not going to be original (10 speed cassette going in) but not totally modern (friction shifting for example).

I need to find a saddle that's not a million miles off visually. The riding position is less upright than might be expected as the frame has always been in the large side for me, and I probably like a bit more squish for my flabby arse than a proper roadie. But it still needs to look like a fast bike.

Could go for a Spa Cycles leather one, as the bike was a bit tourer-ish but worried that I'll never get through the soreness if breaking in. On the weighty side too.

Could also go for a brown Charge Spoon - I use a similar Madison Flux on another bike and it's ok for comfort - but it still looks a bit too modern.

I had a vague pointer to a Selle San Marco Rolls but the customer reviews are quite varied.

So can anyone recommend a comfy retro looking saddle up to about £50?


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