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SRAM Force etap AXS gen 1

Grateful for any thoughts here - Ive the opportunity to purchase a new bike that has the gen1 force groupset, with the bike being at a decent discount.
Everything else about the bike is perfect but I am wavering on the groupset because of comparisons of it against the Ultegra Di2 and the gen 2 SRAM force, which have put me off a bit.
Im currently using cabled Ultegra so I am thinking I am going to get the benefit of electronic shifting so should i forget about the comparisons and make the purchase?!
There aren’t other bikes in contention here, just a nagging concern i might be purchasing something that isnt as good as it could be and I’ll end up with buyers remorse. Daft i know….

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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thax1 | 3 months ago
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Got gen 1 Force AXS on my 2020 SuperSix. 

Absolutely bloomin' lovely. Would have on all my bikes if I could.

Buy and enjoy.

(for ref I have had previous gen mechanical Ultegra, 105, & Rival to compare)

Backladder replied to thax1 | 3 months ago

I have it on my 2019 Roubaix, it has worked faultlessly (although mainly dry weather use) and overall is at least as good as the Ultegra Di2 on my 2014 Genesis. I particularly like the fact that one flat battery doesn't leave you stranded on a singlespeed.

HKR | 3 months ago
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The only difference with d2 is the shape of the levers.  D1 is an absolute bargain at the moment.  And so much better than di2 in my view.  

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