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Suggestions for a live tracking app for Android phones

I've been trying to use the Wahoo live-tracking feature (got an Elemnt Bolt) but it's not reliable and seems to stop working just a few minutes after starting my ride. I suspect it might be something to do with my cheap chinese phone (Alpha Maze-X) not being great at bluetooth. Unfortunately, it's doing the opposite of what I want - I want my wife to be able to see where I am if she starts worrying that I've been out for too long and today it showed that I stopped halfway down a hill just a few minutes into my ride (which understandably made her think that I might have crashed there).

So, I'm looking for an Android app that just uses my phone (I always take it with me) and lets my wife see where I am. Ideally I'd like it to be controllable so that it doesn't chew up my battery when I'm not out cycling.

Any suggestions?

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