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Thoughts on the Frain Crash - Tour de France Femmes

So, it's a couple of days old now, but having seen some of the social media posts about this, I was keen to get other people's view on the riders conduct. 

For reference:

I've roller coasted on this one a bit, but have now settled on unfortunate racing incident. I believe that the calls for her removal from the race, or claims that this incident are demonstration of the inexperience in the women's field are unjustified.

Watching the video too many times, my summary is that it's Frain's team mate that was arguably at fault, as it was her moment of inattention that led to the massive overspeed in the first place. 

By the time Frain's team mate noticed the incident ahead, there was very little time left. From there it was arguably a poor decision for Frain to go straight on, but I can't see that she had any other choice. It appears that she initially looks to break right as her team mate goes left, but the right route is blocked, so she then goes straight on.

Whilst it may look otherwise, Frain was on the anchors, as her end speed was equal to her team mate who was clearly slowing.

Therefore, I don't believe there was much more she could have done.

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