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Thule Bike carriers

Hi all, I'm hoping you may be able to help me out. I've just bought some Thule roof bars for my A6 Avant, and now I'm looking at getting bike carriers for the roof. I've got the Aerowing evo 127 bars. So 127cm wide.

I've looked at the Thule 598 and they are coming in at £99 in most places. With potentially 4 bikes to go up there, 2 adult and 2 kids, I was thinking about getting two cheaper units for the kids bikes. I've got a full suspension Giant mountain bike. And a Focus Cayo road bike. 

On my search I found these on the Ford website which are the Thule expert 298 carrier.®-roof-bike-carrier-expert-298

These same to be the same as the 598, is this correct? As they're £30 cheaper, it seems sensible to save some money. Especially if these are just The Ford retail versions.  I've seen others from Volvo too, but they appear to be the older version 591 iirc. 

Cheers Tom

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