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Trust the training plan or go with my gut?

Have a bit of a dilemma the enlighted readers of forums might be able to help with.  Im in the middle of a Zwift training plan (week 6 of build me up) and its starting to feel a bit easy.  I already recorded a new ftp in week 4 (just a smidge higher) and I'm feeling that there is a bit more in the tank still.  I've been doing the plan plus another ride or 2 during the week - especially when TdZ was on.

So do I trust the plan and patiently wait for another session where I'll do a 20min stretch to (hopefully) register a new ftp, try to squeeze in a dedicated ftp session which might take me over the top, or just increase the next few rides difficulties to 105%?

Anyone else had the same dilemma - what worked for you?

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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