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Weldtite grease gun - cartridge other than TF-2

AFAIK the only container to fit this grease gun is another tube of Weldtite TF-2  grease.  

DAK if there's a way of having a sealed, refillable container? Cutting the end of the spent tube might offer a way to refill it, but no seal. 

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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Simon E | 3 months ago

I have that one. I don't know of anything refillable but an alternative to TF-2 is Green Oil Ecogrease:

I have a 200ml tube of Ecogrease waiting to be used but the TF-2 is lasting very well. Or maybe I'm not using enough of it.

If you really want a refillable option then could you find a way to squirt your chosen product into the TF-2 tube? Maybe use a veterinary syringe or similar.

David9694 | 3 months ago

The grease gun. 

ktache replied to David9694 | 3 months ago
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I got myself a Pedro's grease gun, which of course only works with their own tubes of grease, which I sort of went off a bit, and was difficult to source. While back, so more what was in the bike shop.

Moved to Finish Line's teflon grease. Tube is not made to fit, different thread, but the grease gun is metal and the tube plastic, I can force the tube in, sort of forming a bit of a new thread, tube is a bit scewiff. Works. Or did, got through lots of tubes, but the last two broke at the neck after a bit of use.

Probably better to have got one with a refillable metal container. Hey ho. I just use cotton buds to apply grease now. Big tub of Park's for most things. Finish line is only used to pack the Rohloff's clickbox now.

NOtotheEU replied to David9694 | 3 months ago

I've got a Finish Line gun and a cheap no name gun and they both take the same 9/16" threaded tubes of grease which I always assumed they all did.

Someone on the Weldtite website left a review for your gun including "the gun also works very well with Shimano's workshop assembly grease (125ml tube)."

The Weldtite gun also looks identical to the Shimano grease gun and say the Shimano gun is "Compatible with Finish Line's Premium PTFE Grease and most standard 9/16" threaded tubes of grease. Will not fit 1/2" threaded tubes, such as Finish Line's 2oz Ceramic Grease Tube and Phil Wood's 3oz Tube. Will not fit tubes with pointed tips."

EDIT; Sorry, just realised you only want a refillable tube rather than an alternative brand. I guess you could cut the long flat end off the tube, refill it and then clamp it with something like a hose clamp or a kitchen freezer bag clip. I don't think a plastic or metal reusable container with a 9/16" thread would work as if it isn't flexible the grease wouldn't be forced out.

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